I’m creating this space to record fun or interesting genealogical discoveries. I research my own family, families of friends and relatives, and families of complete strangers, especially those buried at Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.

I wrote this article – – last year for Oakland, and that inspired me to create a place to write or record more of my research without having to upload an entire tree.

Week 48: Overlooked – Pauper Cemetery II, Gwinnett Co, GA

November Theme: Shadows (Yeah … so … this post will likely only interest those who live nearby. But it’s a great place for me to keep track of research that is not connected to any of my other genealogy projects.) When we moved into a brand-new subdivision in 1997, we stumbled upon an old cemeteryContinue reading “Week 48: Overlooked – Pauper Cemetery II, Gwinnett Co, GA”


Week 46: Tombstones

November theme: Shadows The prompt this week suggests to write about a favorite grave marker. That is totally impossible for me – I have visited cemeteries all over the world, and each is special for one reason or another. The overwhelming number of choices to write about is paralyzing. So instead, I decided to concentrateContinue reading “Week 46: Tombstones”

Week 43: Shadows

November theme: shadows Every year the two weeks prior to Halloween are super busy at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. This is the season of “Capturing the Spirit of Oakland,” a tour designed to “enlighten, not frighten.” I’m not a huge Halloween fan – I’m more of a Christmas person. I teach piano and begin myContinue reading “Week 43: Shadows”

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